Microgreens Grow Kit (Sunflower)

Microgreens Grow Kit (Sunflower)


We love sunflower seeds, and love watching them grow! You can now grow your own edible sunflower shoots on your windowsill with this microgreen grow kit, thanks to our friends at Microfarm N15. 


Sunflower Shoots are a great source of good, unsaturated fat and the most calorie dense microgreen they grow. They're also a great source of plant-based protein, which accounts for 24% of its weight. The sprouting process also releases enzymes that make the greens more digestible than in the seed form, whilst still containing a similar nutrition value that the seed has.

  • Contents

    1x Organic Soil 

    1x Organic Sunflower Seeds

    3x Compostable Trays 

    1x Instruction Sheet