NOUR-ISH-ED BITES was born during the spring lockdown of 2020 out of love and a mild addiction to tahini and various nut butters. Stuck in the middle of a beautiful English countryside we spent most of our time creating delicious food and going out for long, chat filled walks. One chat lead to another and the seed of creating a food business was planted in our heads. This seed has grown into what is now known as SUNHINI!



The Original is not to be tempered with. It is a celebration of complex flavour roasted sunflower seeds have to offer. We take organic, Bulgarian sunflower seeds and roast them to unlock that deep and rich nutty flavour, they are then stone ground in small batches to an irresistible, creamy and smooth consistency. We caramelise and grind organic coconut flakes from the Philippines to add a touch of sweetness to The Coconut, and add organic Peruvian cacao for a bitter-sweet kick to The Cacao.

Sunhini is an organic, smooth and creamy sunflower seed paste. Think tahini, but instead of using sesame seeds we use sunflower seeds (SUNFLOWER + TAHINI = SUNHINI). We have three delicious core flavours (Original, Coconut, Cacao) to satisfy everybody's cravings, and a changing monthly special flavour (check the Hall Of Fame).



our ethos

Our ingredients are sourced from organic wholesalers, which are plastic-free where possible. We also maintain plastic-free packaging and even sell in upcycled jars at farmers markets to create a circular model and produce less waste. We deliver to all our local stockists by bicycle to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We believe that plant-powered nutrition is the foundation of our products. All our ingredients are unrefined, natural and wholesome. 

We believe humble sunflower seeds are underrated. The tiny power houses  are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats (the good, essential fats), including being a great source of Omega 6 and contain no cholesterol, or trans-fatty acids (the artery clogging fats found in many processed products). Natural energy-filled fat bombs! They are also a good source of plant-powered protein and are high in Vitamin E.